Get the most from your CarePoints program;
drive adherence, store loyalty and revenue

CarePoints offers minimal impact to pharmacy workflow with maximum impact on patient behavior.

CarePoints is a suite of in-pharmacy tools generated from within pharmacy workflow. Customized print-outs are delivered by the pharmacist along with the patient's dispensed prescriptions to encourage healthy behaviors.

In an evaluation of over 240 programs, CarePoints demonstrated an increase in medication adherence of up to 6%.

To get the most from your program, use each of the elements below to create the optimal communications mix for your store.

CarePoints reference and user guide

Learn more about how CarePoints works, and how to define your own targeted delivery parameters for your CarePoints program

ValueAdd catalog

Use us as your agency to develop an active library of customized ValueAdds to drive awareness of in-store events and improve health.

MedGuides and Vaccine Information Statements

Get FDA-required MedGuides and Vaccine Information Statements in a more concise format to save store resources

CarePoints video overview

Learn how you can get the most from your CarePoints program by watching this quick overview of the service.